These Conditions of Sale apply for every purchase made on the website. Villaggio la Madonnina Srl with headquarters in Italy, Localit√† Pratoranieri, 58022 Follonica GR. VAT number. 09,250,180,156. These Conditions of Sale are updated from 01.08.2019. Villaggio la Madonnina Srl reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions of Sale at any time. All changes to these Terms of Sale will be published online and made known to users. You will only be bound by the Conditions of Sale you accepted at the time of purchase on the website. To purchase on the Villaggio la Madonnina Srl website you must be at least 18 years old. In order to make a purchase you must register and create an account with the required data. By clicking on the “Buy Now” button you send Villaggio la Madonnina Srl a proposal to purchase holiday packages. However, the purchase of holiday packages is not completed until you contact the property’s reception to confirm acceptance of your proposal and the start date of your stay, purchased on the website . Villaggio la Madonnina Srl expressly reserves the right to refuse your proposal if there are well-founded suspicions that you have committed or are in the process of defarauding Villaggio la Madonnina Srl. Unless expressly stated otherwise: The purchase on the website is valid for the number of people specified in the package; In order to redeem the purchase made on the website, you must contact the property’s reception by calling the numbers on the website, within 72 hours after purchasing online. Purchases made on the website can only be redeemed in full. They cannot be redeemed in part or in subsequent stages and you will not be entitled to a credit, a cash refund.
Any purchase made on the website is valid only for personal and non-commercial use and cannot be transferred to third parties.
You are fully responsible for your purchase made on the website. You undertake not to provide false data, including names, addresses and / or contacts or false payment details, nor to commit any illegal activity in relation to the purchase made on the website, nor to allow third parties to act in like this. Any attempt to purchase on the website contrary to these Conditions of Sale may void it, at the discretion of Villaggio la Madonnina Srl. The payment methods accepted on the website are: Paypal – Credit Card (all circuits) – prepaid cards – Poste Pay.
By law you have the right to withdraw from your purchase on the website no later than 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the holiday purchased online on the website. If you wish to withdraw from your purchase made on the site, you can do it in the following ways: By sending an email of the proof of purchase made on the website to within the terms of the 14 days required by law and described above. Quickly advising Villaggio la Madonnina Srl by phone at +39 0566.260.141 If you withdraw from your purchase made on the website. Villaggio la Madonnina Srl will reimburse you for all payments made for your purchase no later than 12 calendar days from the day you inform Villaggio la madonnina Srl of your withdrawal, after approval of the refund by the management of the Village . The refund will be made through the original payment method adopted. If your original payment method has been cancelled, expired or has otherwise been modified, you must immediately inform Villaggio la Madonnina Srl. If you omit this communication and have been reimbursed according to your original payment method, it may be necessary to contact your bank or your payment manager to get your refund. Villaggio La Madonnina Srl only makes a unique refund.
If you violate these Conditions of Sale and Villaggio la Madonnina Srl does not take any legal action against you, this does not mean that Villaggio la Madonnina Srl has renounced to assert its rights and / or its actions. Unless otherwise stated in these Conditions of Sale, communications between the parties must be sent by e-mail. Any communication from Villaggio la Madonnina Srl will be sent to the address you provided when registering your account on the property’s website. These Conditions of Sale are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law, regardless of the application of any conflict law or the choice made by the parties. Any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of your place of residence or domicile.
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