Massa Marittima e San Galgano

Massa Marittima

This beautiful city is located on the Metallifere Tuscan Hills, a few minutes from our village. It is a small town, inhabited since ancient times and that became more famous from the X Century. Over time it came under the domination of the Medici family and of the Duke Leopoldo di Lorena, who improved its enviromental and economic conditions.This area is also known for the Archeological Area near the Lake of Accesa and for the Marsiliana Riserva Naturale.

In Massa Marittima You can admire famous works of religious architecture such as the Romanic 12 Century Cathedral, the gothic Church of Sant’Agostino and others. There are also many civic buildings, including the city palace, the Bishop’s Palace and the Mura surrounding the town.

The Balestro del Girifalco is an ancient event, held twice a year, in the main Piazza Garibaldi. There are also a Museo della Miniera, an Archeological Museum and others to visit.


San Galgano Abbey

A magical place to visit and where to admire beautiful landscapes is the Abbey of San Galgano, built in the Middel Age to follow the religious cult of the Saint.  On the top of the hill, you can see the Eremo of Montesiepi, a catholic place built after the Saint died; inside this you will see the Sword in the Rock. In the surrounding territory on a large field under the hill you find the ruins of the ancient Abbey, that lost its roof in the 18 Century.

San Galgano was a medieval knight but we have little information about his life; it is known that he passed from a dissolute life to a spiritual life after his conversion, which made him a Saint.

The location of this Abbey has often been used in films for its aesthetic features.