Gulf of Baratti, Populonia and Bolgheri

 The Etruscan Coast

Gulf of Baratti and Populonia

These beautiful sites are located in the Tuscan Coast called Tirrenica, also called Costa degli Etruschi. These are ideal places to relax and visit important archeological sites. Baratti’s Beach is unique, famous for its sunsets on the sea, near the pine forest.

Populonia was a famous trading center from the past and shows the remains of the ancient Etruscan and Roman civilizations. It’s a combination of nature and history.

Here, in addition to the Necropoli, you can visit the upper town, the Etruscan Museum and the Castle.


A beautiful small village to visit, famous for its wines. The poet Carducci describes the Viale dei Cipressi in one of his poems. You can also visit the Castel and  some churches, but especially you can admire the landscapes from the Faunal Refuge Padule.

From the vineyards of these area wine lovers can taste Sassicaia, one of the most famous in the world from this area, with a red colour and intense flavour, suitable for tasty food. We also find Bolgheri Bianco, with a soft yellow color,a fine and delicate smell and a dry taste, matched with fish and soups and The Rosso Superiore with an intense smell and a dry taste, recommended with roasted meat.