Tour in the cities of wine

Wines in the area of Siena


If you like to taste Wines and you have the dream to relax in the countryside, you can make a tour in this special area, visiting many small charming villages. The Chianti Territory is located in central Tuscany, between Siena and Florence and is famous for its wine production since so far in the past, at the time of Romans and Etruscans. Visiting this area you will admire ancient villages and castles, surrounded by beautiful olive groves and vineyards with fantastic sights and beautiful colours. The wine called Chianti has a ruby red colour, an intense smell and a savory and velvety flavour. Perfect pairings with meat, sauces, cheese. Its colour is red, its smell and its flavour are unique.


Montalcino is a small  well known town for the production of Brunello, in areas with particular Vineyards. Brunello is  a red wine, with a strong smell and deep taste. It is perfectly matched with red meat, cheese, pasta and other tasty dishes. In this area you can also find Moscadello, a yellow- golden wine, with a fresh and delicate smell and a sweet taste, ideal to be served with ice-cream, fruit and desserts. You can visit churches and museums and can admire fantastic sights visiting the Piazza, the Fortezza and the Duomo.

San Gimignano

This is a famous Hill Town born on an Etruscan Region; in the Middel Ages it was important for its strategic  position. It is a quiet and charming place where to relax. It is well known for the Medieval Architechture, incuding religious, civil and military buildings, There were built a great number of magnificient tower houses in the past, but you can only see a few of them nowadays; they create a unique Skyline in the Countryside. You can visit the Central Piazza della Cisterna, with its triangular shape that creates a very special effect, the Duomo and the Palazzo Comunale; there are also fantastic Museums. This city has become an Unesco World Heritage Site since 1990.The wine produced in this area, called Vernaccia, has a bright yellow colour and it is dry with a slighty bitter finish.