Discover Siena ed Arezzo


a magic City of Art..

Visiting Siena is a magic experience; you will feel in the Past while walking through the beautiful Piazza del Campo, where you can also find Fonte Gaia, the Tower of Mangia, many special ancient buildings and a lot of Restaurants and Souvenir Shops. In the surroundings you will see beautiful coloured Landscapes.

Not far from this place you can also admire the Duomo, in black and white marble with its special shades during the different moments of the day. Walking through the small lanes you may  assist to a Medieval Pageant where people are dressed up in coloured uniforms and carry flags while playing drums and singing during the parade through the city. You can also find Museums with Art Masterpieces.

Tuscany Specialities offer many Food and Wine varieties in this place…you can taste pasta and grilled meat, special cheese.. all served with very famous Chianti, Brunello, Vernaccia and many others.


 a small jewel..

From Siena you can reach Arezzo in an hour by car. It’s a cozy city, a small jewel where you can easily walk through. In this famous city you can visit special places and you can find Art Masterpieces of some of the most famous painters in the world like Vasari and Piero della Francesca. You can admire the beautiful Piazza Grande, where you find a church, shops and pubs for tourists. In the surroundings you can see the Duomo, well-known for its coloured artistic stained glass windows and walking not too far from this place you can visit some museums. Behind the Duomo you find a beautiful park from where you can see wonderful panoramic sights.You can enjoy your trip stopping and sitting down to relax at the restaurants to taste Wines or typical Tuscany Food Specialities, such as Bruschette wiyh tomato or biscuits called Cantucci served with a particular wine called Vin santo…